Tamara is a gift! She does so much all rolled into what people might think is "just teaching exercise classes". Yes, she teaches moves, techniques, and great ways to get in shape. She also inspires, motivates, encourages, and my personal favorite: she works with your mindset to improve your happiness level! When I came to Tamara to work out, I also added her one-to-one mentoring. Each time, a new layer of poor filters and mental junk would be discovered and peeled off. I stayed focused on the "little" improvements. And week by week, I felt better getting out of bed, looking forward to how amazing I would feel after class if I could just get myself there to get started. And then one day it wasn't a struggle to get out of bed. And one day I could see the definition coming in my body. And one day I didn't have so much negative talk as I looked in the mirror. And one day I felt so amazing that I couldn't believe I even considered not taking the time and money to improve my body, my mind, and my life as the ripple effects continued to move through each day. If you are wondering if it is worth giving Tamara a few weeks or months to improve your life, commit to giving yourself the best life you can have and let Tamara change you from the inside out!
Kristiin S.
Business Owner / Speaker
I've been to countless motivation seminars over my 68 years and expected this to be just one more "rah rah" event that took my money and time but gave me nothing that really motivated me to change. I've gained and lost weight far too many times to count and only came because my daughter-in-law kept pestering me. I've been in the depths of depression for two years crying every day – even hopelessly driving to this seminar. By the end, I was in tears for a different reason. This was the opposite of anything I'd ever heard. I felt hope come back and light come back into my eyes. I honestly felt like a debilitating disease was finding a path to slowly drain out of my body. I want you to know that in 3 short HOURS you LITERALLY changed my life! My husband can't believe the difference in me! The darkness is GONE! My sugar/refined carb obsession is GONE and I'm HAPPY bouncy all day long ever since I met you! I keep asking if this is REAL! It's too simple! I can't describe how grateful I am to you even for just these weeks of peace and freedom. I have hope, and now I have tools. From this day forward I rejoice in the journey.
Tamara has a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and information to share. Her approach is refreshingly simple. I was pleasantly surprised at the insights I left the class with. Tamara is a great teacher and has created content that is relevant and interesting. She has a unique ability to take complicated or abstract concepts and rephrase them in practical terms. She speaks to the believer and the skeptic in each of us. If you love exercise and fitness, you’ll love this class. If you hate exercise and fitness, you’ll love this class. It really is that good.
Andrew J.
Marketing Executive
My background in medicine and health has taught me that the optimal approach to fitness is well rounded. It includes a focus on both what you take in and how you use that energy. There is also the very common and frustrating problem repeated by countless women who come to my office for their regular check ups. "I keep gaining weight as I get older." "I eat the same that I've always eaten and my weight keeps going up and up." Or, the heart wrenching, "I eat hardly anything and exercise everyday and I still can't loose weight." These women feel trapped in their bodies and helpless to change the "inevitable." In the past, I have commiserated generously, checked some lab work and given as much information as possible about caloric intake, the impact that advancing age has on muscle mass and any tips for exercise that I had read about or seen others try. Tamara's program has affected me in ways that I never would have imagined. Her energy, her passion, knowledge and vision are contagious and empowering!!!
I want to let you know that this exchange has been so wonderful and healing for me. I am very grateful. You and your inspired brilliance are really incredible! Your ability to hone in on what needs to emerge in a one to one session or small group and your ability to be a "sacred witness" or "noble friend" are powerful and have effected me at a very deep level. I am excited to see how this continuing journey unfolds. The dance that I have experience with you is profound. Thank you for helping me discover and develop my strength again. I find myself tapping into a bodily memory through music or spontaneously moving and quickly shifting my energy or mood. Sometime I remember your eyes or the way you move and feel inspired. It is such a gift to be in your presence and that gift keeps on giving. Thank you so much for sharing your unique work in the world. You are a wonderful teacher and healer.
Yoga Studio Owner
During my pregnancy I gained 60 pounds. I was very discouraged and when I would tell people how hard it was to gain weight that I’d never had before, they would say, “oh you’ll lose it so fast after the baby, don't even worry” so I was relying on that. But the reality was, it didn’t just come off easily. Through all of this and the negative self talk I was having with myself, in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “I should contact Tamara but I live in Farmington now and she's all the way in Draper. I can’t drive 40 minutes consistently!” I kept giving myself excuses and I kept putting it off because I felt a bit ashamed that I had put on weight and a little fearful of what she might think of me now. But I knew deep down that she would hold no judgment and I remembered how good I felt when I was consistently going to her classes. I trusted the process, committed, and gave it my all. I finished her 12 week program and had amazing results. I drove to Draper a few time and workout at my home using her online studio the other days of the week. When I first started working out at home I thought, “it doesn’t work for me to work out at home. I can’t stay motivated at home” It took some will power to wake up before my baby and workout at home for the first 4 weeks. Once I started seeing results, it became easier and my body was loving the consistent exercise between home and going to the studio. I hit my pre-pregnancy weight a few days ago, almost exactly 10 months later. I am feeling fabulous! But more important than the number on the scale, I have gained knowledge on how and what to eat, I have a new mindset of flipping negative thoughts, and I have tools for the future to keep me aligned on my journey of optimal health
Mom / Teacher


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