Commitment is a Muscle

“Commitment is a muscle.”

I started my class today with this quote. I love it. I just read it in David Bradford’s book “Up Your Game.” He goes on to state “the more you stick with something, just like working a muscle, the stronger it gets.”

The more I stick with being positive, the stronger it gets.

The more I stick with moving my body daily, the stronger it gets.

The more I stick with eating consciously, the stronger it gets.

The more I stick with prioritizing my workload, the stronger it gets.

The more I stick with making daily connections with others, the stronger it gets.

And so on!

Summer can bring many changes to our “regular” schedule, especially if you have school age children. We can get in constant “vacation” mode where previous daily commitments seem to fly out the window. We may stop our regular workouts, eating consciously, etc. It seems once we let ourselves get out of the wonderful habits we were committed to, it can feel difficult to add it back in.

I find that I can get caught up in all of my commitments to others and in doing so; I let a very important commitment get lost…the commitment to my own health and happiness. I feel the strongest, the most capable, the most happiest when I commit time each day to rejuvenate myself with an amazing workout that connects me within. I can give so much more to others if I simply take time to first rebuild myself daily.

In the FLiP: Start With Happy program, the commitment stage is the longest stage. It is the stage where clients create concrete habits. If they stick to following the weekly course, they soon are able to fly on “auto pilot” on the daily commitments and for the final weeks of the course go deeper within their core to fully commit to supportive habits that last a lifetime.

I love visualizing that commitment is a muscle to be worked.

Fall is here. The change in season can be a motivator to create/revisit commitments. It can be an opportunity to “get back in the groove.” 

Let’s work our commitment muscle this month. Let’s continue to lay the ground work for a happy, successful personal and business life!

Here’s to sticking to our commitments and enjoying life in the process!

From my Dancing Heart to Yours!



P.S. Thanks David for some great inspiration!


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